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Ghana: The Floating Pamphlet and The Pioneer

In the coastal village of Apam, Ghana, an extraordinary story unfolded when Dolphijn, a local trader, became the first person to accept the Adventist faith in Ghana. Adventist leaders in the region say that Dolphijn found Adventist literature floating during a fishing trip in 1888. Although the source of the pamphlet is not precisely known, Dolphijn discovered, within its pages,profound truths about the Sabbath, leading to the birth of the Adventist movement in Ghana. The faith quickly spread, with 33 believers embracing the Sabbath by 1891, fueling the church's rapid growth across the nation.

While Dolphijn's contribution is cherished, it is Meimba's unwavering dedication that continues to bring this story to life. As a Global Mission pioneer in Ghana's northern region, Meimba faced the formidable task of sharing the Adventist message with communities untouched by Christianity.

Driven by his belief in the transformative power of education and knowledge, Meimba chose to become a volunteer teacher. This decision allowed him to connect with students from non-Christian backgrounds, teaching religious and moral education to introduce them to the essence of Christianity and ignite their curiosity and faith.

Meimba's efforts have yielded remarkable results, as more than 35 students now visit the church every Sabbath seeking spiritual growth. Many of them have expressed their intention to attend an Adventist senior high school, highlighting the impact of Meimba's influence.

Meimba's dedication exemplifies the crucial role of Global Mission pioneers in spreading the Adventist message to unreached communities. Their unwavering dedication, united with God’s power, changes lives and touches souls yearning for the good news. As we marvel at the profound impact of humble beginnings, let us uplift Meimba and other Global Mission pioneers in our prayers as they tirelessly work to bring hope and redemption to the unreached.