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Global Mission

Carrying Hope to His Village

In the remote Costa Rican village of the Cabécar tribe, Global Mission pioneer Arsenio is on a mission to bring the Adventist message to a largely unreached people group, despite facing physical barriers such as steep mountains and treacherous rivers.

Arsenio, one of the few Adventist Cabécars, initially encountered the Adventist message through a visiting lay preacher and was later baptized. Now, he's on a mission to establish a new congregation among his own people. Despite sharing the Cabécar language and customs, introducing a new worldview remains a complex task.

Following Christ's method, Arsenio visits families in their homes, building relationships throughout the village. Some have shown interest in his faith, leading to Bible studies and small group meetings. Over the past year, several villagers have embraced Christianity.

Arsenio's dedication and your support of Global Mission are making a significant impact on this isolated community as Arsenio continues his mission to share the gospel with those in need of a saviour. Read the full story in Mission 360° magazine's 2024 March issue.