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Global Mission

Reaching Myanmar for Jesus

Meet Aung Win, a Global Mission pioneer sharing the gospel in a small farming village in Myanmar, also known as Burma.

Meet Aung Win, a Global Mission pioneer sharing the gospel in a small farming village in Myanmar, also known as Burma. Before he became a pioneer, Aung Win studied natural healing remedies, hoping to use these in his ministry.

When Aung Win moved to the village, he visited people in their homes every day to get to know them. As time went by, the villagers began to trust Aung Win and open up to him. He saw their struggles and some shared how they were suffering physically.

Aung Win listened intently and then asked each person if he could pray for them. With their consent, he used natural treatments to relieve their discomfort.

In the past, the people had visited a witch doctor for healing, and they were curious when Aung Win told them about a God who created them, loved them, and gave them instructions in a book called the Bible so that they could enjoy good health. Many asked for Bible studies and eventually joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church family.

One of the villagers who became a Christian was Aung Thwin. He had been devastated when his wife left him and he paid the witch doctor to put a curse on her to force her to come back—but his wife didn’t return.

Aung Thwin shared his heartache with the pioneer and told him about the curse. “You don’t need to take such measures,” Aung Win assured him. “Jesus is the Prince of Peace, and He’ll give you His peace freely.”

When Aung Thwin studied the Bible with Aung Win, he experienced a joy and serenity that he’d never known. He has since been baptized and is studying in hopes of becoming a Global Mission pioneer.

There was no Adventist presence in the village before Aung Win came, but now a group of new believers worships together every Sabbath.

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Thank you for making it possible for people like Aung Thwin to learn about Jesus and follow Him.