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Global Mission

The Philippines: What a Miracle!

Fema looked around quickly when she heard the screams. A man was running toward her carrying a small boy, who was crying out in pain. She saw a bloody wound stretching from chest to belly. Urgently, the man told her that his son had fallen off their house, landing on a fence post.

Fortunately, Fema and her husband, Jiffrey, had their first-aid kit, and they set about helping the child. They started with prayer and then cleaned the wound, rubbing it with fresh garlic to help prevent infection.

It would clearly take weeks for the boy to recover from such a serious injury. But four days later, the couple was visiting families in the village when someone tapped Jiffrey’s side. It was the boy! He was walking easily without any pain and couldn't stop smiling. The villagers were amazed at the boy’s fast recovery.

Jiffrey and Fema are Global Mission pioneers in the Philippines, focusing on health and education outreach. From this miracle, the community saw that the pioneers truly want to meet their needs. Jiffrey and Fema are grateful for your support of this ongoing work among the Bajau people.